What to expect from a healing session

The word healing comes from the Anglo Saxon word hælen which means to restore to health or make whole. A person can be whole despite having a missing limb or an incurable disease, as their soul, mind and body can work together in a unified manner. It is a very different concept from curing which aims to erase symptoms. Diseases are cured but people are healed.

We provide free therapy sessions at Bel Royal School in St. Lawrence every Monday (except Bank Holidays) between 7.30p.m. and 9.00p.m. There is no need to make an appointment. Our therapists will always put you at your ease and answer any questions you may have before commencing a session. They will always explain to you what you can expect during a therapy session and how the energy works through them. All energy therapists have a unique and individual style.

A therapy session, at the school, can take between 15 - 20 minutes, sometimes longer. You receive energy therapy sitting on a chair and there is no need to remove any clothing. The therapist will explain to you the process they will be following and answer any questions you might have. They will also tell you that you might have some physical feelings during the session. You may experience heat, tingling, a cool sensation of nothing at all. All this is perfectly normal and it depends on the person being offered the therapy what reactions they become aware of. No matter what you feel though, a healing session is always a calming and peaceful process and you should feel pleasantly relaxed at the end of it. Some people might even feel a reduction to any physical pain they may be suffering as the body begins to restore itself to its own natural balance.

This is a natural and beneficial process which has no known negative side effects. All that we ask is that you come with a positive attitude and an open mind. It is important that the person receiving therapy is as committed to the process as the therapist.

Should you require a home visit, where the session can take anything up to an hour, a number of our therapists do offer this facility. However, there will usually be a charge which the therapist will agree with you prior to the visit.