What is healing

The word healing comes from the Anglo Saxon word hælen which means to restore to health or make whole. A person can be whole despite having a missing limb or an incurable disease, as their soul, mind and body can work together in a unified manner. It is a very different concept from curing which aims to erase symptoms. Diseases are cured but people are healed.

Most people go to a healer to seek help with a problem. Some may even go to a healer expecting or hoping to be cured. Very few actually go for healing. Why? Possibly because people haven't experienced healing before, or even considered it a viable option, may have unrealistic expectations - that to heal someone is to cure them. It is not. Healing and curing are definitely different. Of course healing also means restoration to health, as does curing, but the definition of healing also mentions 'making whole' which is not a feature of curing.

Curing busies itself with erasing the symptoms and restoring the body back to the state it was before it became ill. It does play an important role by giving the body a break from the physical and sometimes mental discomfort by using medication or surgery. This allows the body and mind some time to try and achieve a state of balance.

Healing seems to concentrate on the 'wholeness' and getting the body back to a better state than it was before it became ill. When you restore something to a sound or normal state you do not necessarily have to restore it to its original state as described in the 'manual'.

When we offer healing to people, we very often notice that the disease or problem does not disappear. Yet, somehow we have the feeling that we did help that person.

Healing is not about 'curing diseases'; healing is about 'making whole'. Healing therefore can take place in spite of illness or even death.

Curing a disease does not make the person whole; healing a person does not necessarily cure the disease

Please note:- Healing must not replace conventional medicine. The Universal Healing Group will always require you to follow your doctor's advice.