Animal Healing

The purpose of energy therapy with animals is to facilitate the balancing of the animal's energy patterns so that they may resume that state of inner peace - wherein natural balance, rhythm and harmony will support their optimum wellness.

Energy healing works directly with the animals and can help them to embrace their own physical, emotional, behavioural and energetic health and balance. The animal uses the energy offered in any way they choose - as much or as little of it as they like. And it doesn't have to be offered at a time of crisis only.

Energy healing is an excellent tool for keeping healthy animals in balance. It is ideal as a complementary addition to traditional veterinary medicine. It is respectful in its approach to the animal. It is gentle and non-invasive and has only the highest good of the animal in mind. It allows them to be "in control"of the treatment, as it is "offered" to the animal, not "given" to it. Please remember that "healing" does not necessarily mean "curing". Nor is healing ever intended to replace responsible veterinary care.

All UHG Energy Therapists work strictly within the Veterinary Act which states that a vet must give permission for a non vet to treat an animal. This is a safeguard for the animal's welfare and well-being. The therapist will not diagnosis, nor give advice based upon diagnosis, or medical or surgical treatment. In cases of emergency, the owner will be advised to take their animal to a vet as soon as possible.

UHG therapists who have an affinity to animal healing are fully insured and practice this outside of the Bel Royal School venue. In these instances an agreed fee will usually be charged. The treatment of animals at Bel Royal School is strictly forbidden by the Education Authorities and regrettably any person bringing an animal to the school will have to be turned away.