Distance Healing

Another form of healing is distant healing, sometimes also called absent or remote healing. This is when one sends healing energy to a person or animal when, for whatever reasons, they are unable to receive contact or hands on healing themselves.

The simplest and probably most widespread use of distant healing is prayer. Those of us familiar with the Church will be aware that prayers are said at services to include any members of the congregation, or their friends and family, who are unwell. In addition, there are very often prayer groups who meet on a regular basis to pray for amongst other things, the sick or for help for major disasters or areas of conflict. Although people participating in prayer do not see themselves as healers, we should regard prayer as a form of distance healing.

In fact, there might well be instances whenwe will have to avoid any contact due to for instance a contagious condition or a sensitive person who wishes to avoid physical contact. So healing can take place from a distance of anything between a few inches to thousands of miles.

Distance is therefore not a factor and likewise our healing energy is not governed by the laws of time and space. The effects will be felt immediately whether we are working on a client in front of us or someone on the other side of the world. This is because by using purposeful intent we are able to influence others as well as the world around us.

If you would like us to send distance healing to someone, please fill out the form below and we will glady do this for you. If you are sending a request for distant healing, it would be helpful if you could supply the following information:

* The name of the person in need of healing.
* The town or country in which they are located.
* Their condition and whether it is emotional, mental or physical.
* How long they have had the condition for.

We will then forward your request (excluding your email address) to our healers for them to give absent healing to that person and advise you immediately when this has taken place.

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