History of the Universal Healing Group

On the 15th August 1977, a meeting of five healers under the leadership of a gentle, white-haired, moustached man named Evan Jones formally inaugurated the first healing association in Jersey, UK - The Universal Healing Group. The aim of this voluntary association was, and still is, to "bring together in full co-operation, healers of all denominations in order to offer a free Healing Centre to the Public."

On 1st September 1977, the first healing sessions took place at the Parish Hall, St Aubin. In those early days, healing was held regularly at the Parish Hall, St Aubin and consisted of four sessions a week; on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. A note in the minutes of a committee meeting held a month later noted that over one thousand attendances had so far been recorded.

In January 1983, the group was given notice to leave the Parish Hall as major renovations were to take place. This step was taken with great regret as "St Aubins" had become synonymous with the Universal Healing Group's activities. However, an enlightened headmistress at Bel Royal School in St. Lawrence came to the group's aid and we have continued there ever since. Today, their sessions are held every Monday evening (except Bank Holidays) 7.30p, - 9.00pm.

Many forms and styles of healing have now become acceptable since the UHG started. However, it was the Universal Healing Group that first openly introduced non-religious based energy healing into Jersey through Evan Jones' vision and enthusiasm all those years ago. And it is only the Universal Healing Group that offers clients a continuing free healing service, outside of those given by various church groups, within the island today.

During the last 30 or so years, there have been a number of occasions when we felt the guiding and protecting presence of those foresighted founders. Long may this continue. on>