About the healers!

All the therapists who belong to the Universal Healing Group must complete an intensive, comprehensive and recognised programme of training, practise and development over a period of two years. Once qualified, they are also required to prepare regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plans on an on-going basis. They are all bound by a strict Code of Conduct and have specialist insurance as well as Professional Indemnity insurance.

Some of our therapists are also qualified to practise other modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, hypnotherapy etc. Please enquire if you are interested in trying out any of these.

Therapists act as a conduit for the subtle life energy which surrounds all living things and focuses this energy towards the recipient in a compassionate and caring manner by the use of purposeful intent. It does not involve massage, manipulation or the use of oils or crystals. It is simply achieved by placing the hands around and away from the body and letting the energy flow to the area where it is most needed.

We presently have six qualified healers with there being two trainees who hopefully will qualify very shortly. In addition, we have two receptionists who share this duty. We operate on a rota basis so you might not always see the same healers every week.